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A Wavy Welcome!

Whenever it comes to electronic music, the first thing is an idea. No Soda Pleaes has established as an international player with artists like Oliver Bach, Kay Sheen and others which derive from German Rhein-Main electronic centres. "Not always Berlin" is the way the company from Mainz shifts its focus to new artists, directions and instruments that surcome combinations nowhere found. Leading up artits, groups, festivals with a pepper and salt mentality we bring artists to their next level.

No Soda Please is a German label offering a full bandwith of services with and around its own artists. We link the projects neccessary to promote our artists and co-work not with only one, but a range of the best PR-, marketing-, distribution- and asset-companies in the world. Our strengh is producing the music of electronic artits, giving it the right touch, bring them on the stage and help them stand their ground in the modern music-business. This includes also cooperative contracts with a benefit for all so we all in the family can say: We Love and Live Electronic Music!

Our Artists

Locals artists who have a grown musical experience as well as full-time professionals with international renomée are part of the NSP-family.

If you plan an event, look for growing heads or compile a sampler - here is a selection of artists you should definitely look out for:

Oliver Bach

Kai Sheen


We have the stuff to get you heard!


The playground for any beginning and ending of a song, from early to last stage. We provide ideas, samples, people, connections to build up your piece of music, bring it to the distribution, marketing stage and beyond. As soon as you see your network growing you see also: Our audience in front of you on the stage!


With more than 40 years of musical experience of our oldest and more than 30 years of musical experience of our youngest team-member they follow crucial steps of technical assembling, voice-improvement, schemes and rhythms. An arsenal of instruments and software you will find comprised here. High percentage experience as this is No Soda Please!


Fun on the Go, Fun on the Run! Whether in one of our studios, on the stage or with us in a media supported interview - we always will stand side by side with our artists. We confess more fun than stress. As we pledge fun with our partners and other labels too, you will be the one with the highest benefit of all of us having fun with music - cause we Love and Live it!

Ready for the extra mile? Ready for a challenge?

Then get in contact with us right away and mail to

or give us a call +49 (0) 170 1665 763